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Anna Wesche

I’m writing this just as I’ve finished watching Taylor Swift’s “End Game” music video, so I apologize if I seem out-of-sorts.

I Think I’m Extra is a sounding board for everything that interests, irritates, and enchants me. I’m not here to be an authority on anything, these are simply my thoughts and opinions, and, to be frank, I’m not too concerned if you have a problem with them. My only hope is that you can come here and find whatever you need, whether that is discovering how to wear your pajamas to work, or that you are not alone in mistakenly giving yourself an at-home Brazilian wax.

Stay for a little or stay for awhile. Cheers.

Anna is a Writing and Film & Media Studies student. She attends Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Anna has written for BUST Magazine, and is currently a College Fashionista Editorial Fellow. She is from Northwest Ohio.