Why I'm For Jean-On-Jean Action

I often get the, “Hey, nice Canadian Tuxedo,” comment and I am genuinely flattered. I usually say thank you very impassionedly, and that person gets confused because they were making fun of me. Oh gosh, they think, she didn’t even catch that I was making fun of her. Blondes.

No, I know you’re making fun of me! It’s okay. Approximately three years ago I would have also been making fun of me too, mostly because I was in this whole preppy phase, and I was buying up blazers like people buy up bottled water before a storm.

Jean in itself is a gift. It’s just a genuinely cool fabric. I could pour a kale smoothie all over my jeans (I don’t actually drink kale smoothies, I just wish I did), let it dry, throw my jeans in the wash, and they would come out looking the same as they did before I poured the kale smoothie on them. Magical.

Do you like the outdoor space of my apartment building?

When wearing jean-on-jean, I abide by one rule and one rule only: OWN IT. This is a general rule I go by for any slightly out-of-bounds look I wear, but for jean in particular it’s crucial because it is very possible that you can end up looking like a limited-edition Crayola crayon. Keeping this in mind, I think a lot of people assume that you shouldn’t wear the same color of jean if you attempt this. Meaning, if you wear dark-wash jeans, then you need to wear a chambray or light-wash jean top. Wrong! My mantra as of late has been, “Wear whatever you want, whenever you want to,” and it does not fail me in this situation.

Here's a photo of me in my natural habitat, a.k.a. covered in jean and looking aloof. 

I think what I usually keep in mind is the fit/style of whatever I’m pairing. My mom recently gave me this amazing oversized jean jacket from Eddie Bauer (see it in action below) that she wore in the 90s. I wear it everywhere, with anything, for any type of weather. Seeing that most of my jeans are tightly-fitted (I’m trying to move away from this, but the years 2008 – 2015 really did a number on my jeans-collection), it’s easy to pair my jeans with this jacket because of the following formula: tight on bottom + loose on top. This can also be reversed.

I tend to lean towards more loose-fitted items because: A) They are just generally more comfortable; and B) I am a soft girl who just wants to be free. For example, boyfriend jeans. I used to think that boyfriend jeans were only for people with uncooked spaghetti legs, but when I was in New York and Kate Spade Saturday still existed (R.I.P.) I bought a too-expensive pair (also below) and then wore them every day for the next two weeks. I’m assuming they are a turn-off for some people for the fear that they will make you look shapeless. It’s possible, but who cares? If you like them and you like the fit, wear them!

I guess I’m just for anyone wearing jean anything. I have a picture of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 AMAs in a frame next to photos of my family because I think I might secretly be their child.

Also, I’m not saying that nobody wears jean-on-jean. Plenty of people do. My point is mainly that more people should be wearing this look, and I’ve taken it upon myself to personally ensure that this happens.