Summer Style Profile: Jill Pain

Jill and I grew up in the same town in Northwest Ohio. She was three years ahead of me in school and infinitely cooler. She hangs out in Chicago now and continues to slay all who meet her with her fierce style and frequently changing hairstyle. Read what she had to say about her style below and see why she’s always in my frequently searched on Instagram in I Think I’m Extra’s first Summer Style Profile.

This picture has me questioning if I should dye my hair brown. 

Anna Wesche: We’re from the same small Midwestern town, so I think we both understand how difficult it can be to express personal style in that kind of environment. When do you feel like you started fully embracing your style?

Jill Pain: I think I’ve always embraced my style to some extent. In high school I was one of the first (maybe the first) to wear skinny jeans. I remember I was at the bowling alley and overheard a friend of mine calling me emo because I was wearing them. I didn’t let it get to me, it actually helped me give less of a f*ck. I think I’ll always be a little more reserved than what I wish to be but moving to Chicago 5 years ago definitely helped with embracing my style.

AW: What are three brands you’re following closely at the moment?

JP: I am constantly on ASOS, they just have so much to look at you could look for hours! My theory is you must keep up on the newly arrivals. I’m low-key obsessing over this Australian brand, Verge Girl but I have yet to buy something. It will help me dress like a girl again hah. So there’s this company/brand in LA that is genius and I’m so mad I didn’t think of it first. Freak City is basically as they say, “Hi FASHION L0 PRICE”. They don’t knock off what these designers make, but rather make statement pieces we all wish these designers did make and could afford. Do yourself a favor and just go look, @freakcityla.

AW: What's that "thing" in your closet?

Check Jill out on Instagram at @jillypain.

JP: Ok so I recently bought my first bag. I’m talkin’ like my first big girl purchase after getting a real job out of college. I had never owned anything designer until this so it was a big deal for me. It’s a Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme purse. The hardware on this thing is to-die-for. I am so in love with it.

AW: Fashion is more than just a personal interest for you, it’s an academic and a career-based interest as well. What made you decide that this was something you wanted to take past a personal passion and turn into a professional purpose?

JP: I’m one that needs change and this is honestly why I chose to go to an Arts school. I knew I didn’t want a ‘regular’ job- same thing day in and day out. Fashion hasn’t always been a huge part of my life, but it has become my whole life and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. I am currently working in a position I never pictured myself doing and it’s been a blast so far. Who knows what I’ll get into next!

AW: What's something you can't stop buying?

JP: Gold necklaces! I was on that choker trend a little too hard and I am so glad that it’s coming to an end – kinda. But gold layered necklaces, yes please!

AW: What do you feel has been your most significant stylistic moment?

Jill killing it at NYFW. 

JP: I got to attend New York Fashion Week for FW17 and it was everything I ever dreamt it to be. I attended the Hakan Akkaya and Concept Korea shows. Being the first to see what these designers have been up to and what they have created for the upcoming season is amazing. From the music they choose, to the makeup and hair, so much thought goes into a show, it’s incredible to be there and see it all. I was in New York for work and didn’t know I was going to NYFW, so my outfit was pieced together by random things I brought along. I wore a fishnet bodysuit under my tied up Gosha Rubchinsky shirt, off the shoulder green bomber, with leather high waisted leggings & boots. It ended up being pretty cute, thank god!

AW: What's the most "extra" fashion-related thing you've ever done?

JP: I hardly ever dress ‘extra’ but if I had to choose it would be my 22nd birthday and I went a little over the top, more than usual. I got this dress from Nasty Gal and it was pretty much see through. It was vertical ribbing but held together with fishing line. I snagged it like 10 times before I even putting it on. I wore high-waisted briefs underneath with a strappy bra. To top it off I got a grill made, yes, like on your teeth - ha!