Snazzy Pick-Up Lines To Try

These are tested by me so you know they work! I'm unfortunately not lying. 

1.     After scratching his head and playing with his hair for 10 minutes, say: “Haha I should steal some of your hair and clone you.”

2.     Yell the name of the girl whose name you saw on a Bumble notification on his phone at him repeatedly while he drives you and your drunk friend home: "GRACE. WHERE IS GRACE!?"

3.    Encourage him to aggressively make-out with you: “Come over and bruise my other eye socket ;)” 

Photo A

Photo A

4.     Find out if he actually cares: “If you want to hold an ice pack to my lower back when I go out tonight text me!”

***Include Bitmoji in Photo A.

5.     Make him comfortable coming over to see you: “Come over – we can sit on my couch holding hands with my family while watching Full House!”

6.    TBH don't remember the context of this one: “I’ll help you overcome your anxiety!”

7.     Culture him! “Have you seen Llamas with Hats?”

Photo B

Photo B

8.     Challenge his intellectual side: “Let’s go to the movies and sit as far away from each other as possible in the theater and then exchange detailed notes afterwards.”

***Follow up with text in Photo B if it feels right. 

***BONUS TIP: Photoshop his childhood photo on to a picture with Harry Styles and send it to him before you go watch Dunkirk!