Anna's Irritations: Tuesday Edition

Things that genuinely bothered me today. It’s not up for discussion whether or not my annoyance was valid.

  1. The pretentious coffee shop on campus didn’t have fake sugar. Really? You’re going to charge me $4 for coffee and not even provide me with a way to kill myself faster? Let me poison myself. Let me live.
  2. A girl in flats was walking in front of me slowly. Absurd and unacceptable. I was in platform heels and walking faster. Do more.
  3. My hair looked gross and unwashed. I haven’t washed it since Sunday night but that is besides the point.
  4. Jane from The Bold Type actually left her job at Scarlet. JAAAAAANEEE. What am I going to do without the Scarlet Closet pow-wows? You’re injuring me, Jane. Also if you, reader, do not watch this show, you’re injuring me.
  5. I paid $4 for a bowl of cereal. It was really good cereal but I do hate myself.
  6. I watched two cars perform U-turns in the middle of a street with double-yellow lines. No. Wrong.
  7. A male classmate interrupted one of my female classmates to mansplain. He didn’t even make a point and I wanted to SCREAM. I don’t care if you’re about to announce the cure for cancer, wait your damn turn.
  8. My hairstylist emailed me to remind me that my roots are probably bad. Don’t start with me, Nina. 
  9. I didn’t get any mail. I always have such hope for a fun card that may or may not have money in it, or maybe a free issue of Glamour, but nothing is ever there *metaphorically stomps foot.