It's Me, Anna

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2018 has already been so eventful for me, namely, in that I attempted to give myself a Brazilian wax at home today, 1/1/18. I have a lot of mixed emotions. Am I proud of myself? Yes. Do I regret it? Absolutely. Now, my nether regions are oh so cold.


My Personal Review of 'Reputation' Because You Didn’t Ask for It

I love my opinion. I think it is tasteful, informed, and oh so accurate. I also unabashedly love Taylor Swift. Do I think she did some shady shit with Kimye? Yes. But I myself have done some shady shit, and she totally took it and used it to her advantage (insert snake emoji here). Also, it is the season of giving thanks, and it is my moral duty to give thanks for this album. 


petition to wear my pajamas everywhere

Why pajamas? you ask. Why now? Because I want to! And there is simply no better reason. Also, because I didn’t do laundry for quite some time, and my barren closet forced me over to my pajama drawer.


i need plaid and plaid needs me

There’s a supposed difference between “want” and “need.” I want a chocolate chip cookie, but I don’t need to eat one. I want to watch SNL, but I don’t need to watch it. I want to get a nose job, but I don’t need to get plastic surgery. This has not been the case with Plaid and I lately.


Tits out!

I am back and my tits are metaphorically out! They are not literally out. I am wearing a top today that shows my nips because I didn't want to wear a bra, and I tried to put Band-Aids on them, but then they looked like little squares which I thought was way worse. So today I am channeling Rachel from Friends.


Anna's Irritations: Tuesday Edition

Things that genuinely bothered me today. It’s not up for discussion whether or not my annoyance was valid.

1. The pretentious coffee shop on campus didn’t have fake sugar. Really? You’re going to charge me $4 for coffee and not even provide me with a way to kill myself faster? Let me poison myself. Let me live.